Ballot Boxes

Transparent and foldable ballot box

Emptor International offers our clients a well tested transparent / translucent Ballot Box in three different sizes. The overall design of the boxes is the same for all three models.

Only the size of the box is different. The body of the boxes is produced in PP (Polypropylene) and the lids are produced in ABS or PP all depending on the request from the client.

Emptor International also produces foldable ballot boxes made in size/material in accordance with the request of the client.

Key features
Stackable in order to optimize logistics.
Compression tested according to ISO standards.
Drop tested according to ISO standards.

The ballot box can be delivered in three different sizes 45L - 60L - 80L

Customized logo can be printed on the side of box.

Sealing of box
4-6 plastic/metal seals for the lid.
1 plastic/metal seal for the ballot slot.

Serial number
Unique serial number can be printed on each box or lid.

United Nations approved ballot boxes

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