Voters Ink

Voters Ink - Indelible ink with silver nitrate & UV ink

Emptor International offers our clients a well tested indelible ink. Each batch of ink is during production duly tested by a third party testing bureau.

This procedure ensures that our ink is according to the requested order specifications. Normally, Emptor International delivers ink containing between 5% - 25% of silver nitrate - fully customized for the client.

Emptor International also manufacturers indelible ink marker pens & UV ink.

Key features
Visible for a minimum of 72 hours.
Tested according to ISO standards
Instructions on how to use ink are printed on each bottle.
Avoid double voting and double registration.

The ink can be delivered in different sizes up to 100 ml.

Customized label with various instructions can be printed on the sides of the bottle.

Sealing of bottle
Each bottle sealed by aluminum foil to avoid leaking.

Violet, green or red. After sun light all colors turn into dark color.

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